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Coimbatore Centre for Contemporary Arts (CoCCA) will be a centre for continuing fine arts education, both practical and theoretical. The Centre will serve as a space in which students are given an opportunity to explore, question, experiment and innovate. It will strive to provide an integrated art education experience that is interdisciplinary in spirit.
CoCCA's major contribution to the contemporary Indian art world is to offer artists an educational experience that assists in the development of their thinking about art making, art pedagogy and the social functions of art. These will be learned along with other disciplines such as film theory, anthropology, ethnography, art history, sociology, media theory, economics, ecology, political science among others, so as to introduce intellectual diversity and rigour to creativity, conceptualization and practice.


Rajshree Pathy and her artist daughter Aishwarya are the founders of CoCCA, Coimbatore Centre for Contemporary Arts is to open in 2013.